Saturday, May 3, 2014

The History of Perguruan Inti Ombak

Perguruan  Silat Inti Ombak is one of the colleges that come together in Paseduluran Angkringan Silat very advanced development. Since the beginning of the idea of ​​founding Paseduluran Angkringan Silat , PS INTI OMBAK has always been a full supporter Paseduluran Angkringan Silat . In any event - the event which is held by Paseduluran Angkringan bregodo Silat Inti Ombak always actively participated with enthusiasm.
PS INTI OMBAK founded on 05/05/2005 by Dr. Sigit Cahyana Great Teacher, Professor Daniel Prasetya , as well as Master 's Anom Tjahjadi Tanudjaja Its headquarters are in Colorado , United States , whereas His residence was in Yogyakarta . This happens because there are currently taken by Professor Daniel Prasetya abroad , Colorado , these booming interest in the college , a stark contrast to the state universities in Indonesia which demand very little , even to say almost nothing.

As the name implies , this college logo is a OMBAK , symbolizing the OMBAK that are always moving , like a man who was always moving and volatile . The INTI of this logo is " Menep " , how people in every movement and turmoil of life can dominate and control him . Another distinctive feature of the PS INTI OMBAK logo is because initially Seagull Science teaches at PS INTI OMBAK is a blend of martial arts and Mataraman Madura.
The spread of this martial art more colleges abroad , the largest in the United States ; Colorado , Illinois , Los Angeles , Hawaii . In addition there is also a PS INTI OMBAK in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, besides of course in Indonesia.
PS INTI OMBAK are institutions established under the auspices of Mataram Behaviour Foundation Heritage Way Home , a foundation that aims to promote Indonesian culture . Various kinds of things that are under the auspices of the foundation such as treatment , education spitritual mental , dance - traditional dances and much more . While the PS INTI OMBAK is focused on the promotion and development of martial arts.
Overseas training system and in Indonesia adopted a slightly different system . If the regular system in Indonesia while the largest portion of overseas seminars - seminars and workshops . This seminar was held almost every month and move - move to various countries . The material provided in the seminar - The seminar senata not only moves , but also various kinds of knowledge such as treatment techniques are also presented.
It is interesting that in the system level by the show uniforms . Each color indicates the level of their clothes - each wearer in PS INTI OMBAK . In march 2012 arts tradition in Malioboro , Yogyakarta yesterday looked very festive row of INTI OMBAK with clothes and looks very unique.
College stakeholders PS INTI OMBAK also always aware of the importance of the use of technology for the advancement of their education . Every Saturday night , they hold joint exercises with the various branches of the institution using teleconference technology . So any progress can always be quickly updated to all branches of the exercise.
Until now PS INTI OMBAK is still not listed in the IPSI , and chose to move as a traditional arts college because since its inception along Heritage Way Foundation Mataram First Practice is intended to introduce the culture and traditions of the archipelago .

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