Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Stretching of capoeira in indoensia

Besides football, Brazil also has a sport to be proud of lho! The sport has lost his famous enggak, which is typical martial arts and real, Capoeira.. This martial art was originally created and only grows in the African slave who was smuggled during the period of European colonization, especially Portugal. But now capoeira has spread widely throughout the world, including to Indonesia. A famous martial if the body of a ethnic dances of the men attracted to women. More specifically, capoeira was accepted by the energetic young people. That's because of the fairly extreme movements have. Parents are not prohibited. But the movement was lho, pake salto all hell!...One of the capoeira gym in Indonesia can be found in Sanur, Bali. Dozens of enthusiasts capoerista-capoeira-usual practice in this place six times a week. In turn they train stance and movement under the guidance of capoeira mestre, or call for a trainer in capoeira.
At a glance, which moves breakdance exhibited similar or acrobatic dances. Definite movement in capoeira require a flexible fitness abis. In addition to fighting moves are beautiful to look at, this martial arts also teaches philosophy and song, as well as typical Brazilian musical instruments. Instrument that always accompany capoerista one-stringed instrument similar to that struck zither called berimbaus. Meanwhile, at a musical instrument-like tambourine-plus surrounding metal plate called a pandeiro.

Capoeira in Indonesia in 1998 in Yogyakarta. While in Bali, the sport came in about 2000. We have a growing interest in capoeira and a variety of segments. In Jakarta, this martial arts also've loved, from ekskul in school, the campus and the gym-specific gym to learn self-defense on this one.

Capoeira which means low grass was created by slaves who came from various regions of West Africa such as Angola, Congo, and Mozambique. Philosophical taken from slave resistance against colonial oppression. Due to fear of rebellion, slaves were forbidden to learn the science of self-defense. Nah lost his mind, they developed a martial arts dance elements covered thick, were equipped with the music.

Support for introducing capoeira around the world also come from the President of Brazil, GetĂșlio Vargas. He is promoting a typical capoeira as a Brazilian sport.

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